Monday, September 12, 2016


Kaveri or Cauvery,  
from Sahyadri to Bay of Bengal
Talakkaveri to Tanjavur.

Geat flow of eternal life
Ebbing through mountains,
making veins on the rocks,. roaring,
drifting,meandering,on the sandy plains
giggling,Laugh loudly at falls
for millions of years before we arrived.

She learned to speak
Kannada upto Biligondlu
And Tamil after that.
Fondly nurturing these languages
for centuries.

Her children have learned of 
Kannada thirst or Tamil thirst
and ask her to carry more of hatred?
upward and downward.
speaking of funny words of TMCFT,
carrying image of violence
from Hills to sea
and in riverse too.
Occassionally though.

She wonders are they her children or
of land's languages?
Wonder if they would save the power of speech?
or her energy and sap of life.
And her children..

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