Wednesday, October 3, 2018

the Eye lance

I was alone last night. It was dark. Very dark indeed and heavy rain. Only the sound of it. Falling down the roof and from eves.   Half asleepnfor a long time. Some nights are like that. Sleep does not treat me for long time when I wake up in the middle of the night. It would have been around 3.00 am in the morning. Thinking of many things. The shouting debate on SC judgement on aadhar on TV before I slept. And some thing else.  The flood, the rain. about the discussion on  validity of periodicity; of triple consecutive denials, contradiction of 41 day vow being longer than a 30 day cycle for the maintenance of purity of an ever celibate god, of unlucky 13 enlightening priestly visits and beastly acts. Thoughts came of my returning sciatic pain  and the peripheral numbness on fingers. of magnetic resonance of belief systems. 

Sensed some movement. As usual on rainy days, even street lights were off.  Could hardly see a faint glimmer of a human head with two eyes on it. Nothing more. The eyes, with a redish brown dim glow, were staring at me. I closed my eyes. Tight. Counted upto ten. Then slowly opened . Still the intruder eyes were staring at me. Sound of rain pounding on the roof increased.  So did my heart beat. A hissing wind lashed rain on the clerestory windows; a few drops sprayed through a slit. A sudden panic creeped into my body. Like a slimy someting crawling through the legs up. Lying still in bed, felt creepy bad. Fully awake I looked into those eyes. It moved a bit towards me. I made some sound, but it got stuck in my throat.
One of the eyes turned slowly. No, it rotated and became vertical.  It took the place of the nose in the face. One horizontal eye and another vertical nose-eye on half the face. Nothing on other half, the face inched closer.

I closed eyes again. Stretched my hand and searched for the switch. Oh no. There is no power. The fan is still and there is no grinding sound of it either.
There was a flicker of movement. The half face moved a bit. The other eye climbed over the one occupying the nose-space. And it slid down slowly. It crawled below the vertical nose-eye and took the position of the mouth. Funny, it looked to me like a face with two eyes only; one a nose eye and another mouth eye. I could smell a burning of meat near by. Can the face smell? Was it? My breath was still. Can the other face breath? Does it?

The lids of the mouth-eye opened wide in very slow motion. The redness of eye increased and the iris darkened. It became a large blue hole. Eerieee. The vertical eye was still watching me. It is now l like a blue lens of a camera. Some whizzing sound I heard too. I wanted to shout.  But no sound  came out yet.

A red toungue with a little flame came out of the mouth eye’s dark central hole. It stretched and reached for the other eye that was looking like a flat brownish grey shell-less snail. With a small lence in the middle. The falaming toungue twisted around the snail like-eye’s lower part and suddenly jerked and pulled in. It slowly swallowed it while the nose eye kept struggling to come out. After fully taking in and a gulping sound the mouth-eye closed. The eyelids of the lips with hairs were the only visible in place of mouth; nothing else in the face. 

A smile occurred there now. The hairy lids-lips parted. Opened wide again. And the eye re-appeared in the middle. The blue iris. A beautiful and a scary blue green eye. Staring at me. And it is moving close .. close.. close. Watching me. Focussing on me?And I realise that there was no clothes on me. I am naked. The eye is watching and coming close. Yes, the watchful central eye is coming close ..close, and close.