Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Waves fall on wet sandy shore
Playing curling twisting
Crushing one another
Tickling embracing giggling
Innocence of adolescence
Retreating again to  sea.

Some grow tall and smart adults
Rush over wet sands
Cross over a sandy ridge
Gushing down other side joyly
Soak into the dryness
of spongy grains and seep down.
Never to return. To the sea.
Giggle dries. Bliss perhaps.

Sea roars and waves continue

Friday, August 26, 2016


Kanyakumari is tipping
First the Gandhi memorial
Then the Vivekanananda memorial
on the rock in the sea to be
Dwarfed by
Statue of Thiruvalluvar that grew
Out of the sea recently.
A 17 ft Hanuman statue
and a Bharatmatha edifice soon.
Bill board announces.
Competition is on.
altius and perhaps fortius too.
Commerce flourishes, visitors, hotels,
Higher denser, town expands, sea line erodes
Sand dirties, rocks crack, chemical smears
Is Southern tip at the 'tipping point' already?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Beladingala sangeeta

. Exhilarating.

Dew drops, dristles, pouring rain
Coalescing into warming heart
Vibrating and churning subconscious
Colours, strange colours with closed eyes
Patterns and strange spaces.
Realising how notes create strange spaces
And shadows and experiential architecture.
Virtual reality.
Beyond cerebral and beyond emotion.
Bliss. Bliss . and madness.
Superb swing of great music
Vishwamohan Bhatt on mohan veena
Mysore Nagaraj on violin
Jugal bandi producing magical moments
With Ravindra Yavagal tabla
Pravin mridangam.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Don't play in the rain, will get cold
Don't go out in hot sun, you will be sick
Don't play too long, come back quick
Don't have too many friends,
choose only Good ones
Don't do that, it is for your good.
Study medicine or engg.
Don't go after your passions. It does not pay.
Take this job. Buy this apartment.
Don't stay single, getting old.
Don't fall in love. We will arrage.
Do. Don't don't grow up.
What? You decided not to have children?
You are still a kid. My child. You are not listening.
HEY YOU WANT A DIVORCE. What? And marry some one else? Aww.
Talk to your grand parents?
Look at us. Above 60. And we are together. 40 years. Peacefully we exist. Though don't talk to each other. We are still kids. Didn't ever grow up. Our parents are still alive. You know.
Our culture, my child. Our culture.
.......... ..
Do you want me to kill them before I kill you ?
I want to live. Not exist.
My dear parent.