Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AA Visiting School Hyperthreads2011

This ferrocement structure was produced during the workshop Sep 2-12 at BMS College, Bangalore. Credits: Chikara inamura, Shajay Bhooshan, Abhishek Bij, John Klein, Mustafa El Sayed all tutors. The construction was put together by Muthu Kumar.M and Vishu Bhooshan of BS Bhooshan and Associates HR Deepak, structural enginner helped the fine tune of ferrocement process. Dept of Architecture of BMS College of Engineering coordinated the event.

The form was generated and structurally idealised using Maya and AlGore programmes. The edge pipes were bend using a shape prints in smaller pieces and assembled and welded on site. A cloth as per the computer print was cut and stitched and stretched over to get the shell form. The rebars were bent and placed over this using the cloth surface as guide. Chicken mesh was stretched over it and tied. The cloth was removed and Cement mortar was applied on both side of the surface and then finished. All this 15 days.